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Summer’s Coolest Cocktails

A Curated List from District M’s Own Resident Mixologist

Seasons in New York City are always extreme. During the biting-cold of winter, New Yorkers count down the months, days, and weeks until summer will joyfully arrive. And when it finally comes around, the same New Yorkers bemoan the scorching heat and higher temperatures and begin yet another countdown to the cooler months. It’s a vicious cycle that New Yorkers begrudgingly accept as a penance for living in one of the world’s greatest cities.

While we know that while summer in New York City comes with a bit of heat, our city is far too glorious to stay inside (if we do say so ourselves). Therefore, we’ve curated a list of our favorite cocktails perfectly paired to keep you cool and refreshed in the city heat. From fresh herbs, bright juices, and effervescent flavors, we have compiled the ultimate list from District M’s artisanal cocktail menu for the perfect summer concoction to stay cool, no matter your spirit of choice.

For Lover’s of…


Rosé & Vodka

15 Shades Of Green

Russian Diamond Vodka – Giffard Pamplemousse Rose – Lemon Juice – Pernod Absinthe – Sparkling Rosé

Though 15 Shades of Green is actually pink, it’s too tasty to care or question how it got its namesake. A perfect balance of tart and slightly sweet, the bubbly cocktail is as pretty as it is addicting. We recommend upping your usual rosé game with this refreshing drink that sips like a spritzer but hits you a whole lot quicker, thanks to the addition of vodka and absinthe.


Ladies Who Lunch

Lemorton Calvados – Lime Juice – Jack Employees Only Grenadine

Or for ladies who love happy hour… This cocktail keeps cool with fruity notes from the Calvados. The acidity of fresh-squeezed limes pairs perfectly with the slight sweetness from the dash of grenadine while colorful lemon and cherry garnishes also happen to make this offering a most “Instagram worthy” drink to brighten your news feed.



Greenhook American Dry Gin – Lemon Juice – Giffard Framoise

If summer had an official flavor, we think it would be raspberry. The pop of hot pink and addictive flavor somehow assails the senses in the best and brightest way possible. Combined with the light juniper flavors of the gin, the Florodora is like the prettier pink summer upgrade to the usual gin and tonic.


You’re On Vacation

El Dorado 12-Year Rum – Lime Juice – Pineapple Juice – Orgeat –Coconut Water

Tiki drinks are making a comeback. The overly sugary cocktails that once got a bad rap are now reappearing on even the most discerning cocktail menus. But not to fear, experienced mixologists are crafting these actually delicious drinks as they were originally intended. Complex syrups and fresh squeezed fruits are the key ingredients to ensure your tiki drinks are slightly sweet instead of cloying. Properly made orgeat syrup (pronounced OR-ZHA” or “OR-ZAT and not “OR-GATE) is one of the tiki world’s greatest discoveries. Time intensive to properly make, the syrup is made from almonds, sugar, and rose or orange water. Sounds delicious, right? Trust us, it is – and with fresh fruit juices, coconut water, and a twelve-year old rum, this cocktail is definitely worth giving drinks of the tiki persuasion another go.

Something Bubbly

M is For Maurizio

Prosecco– Campari – Lemon

Originally developed by Gaspare Campari in the 1800’s, the recipe for this disgestif is still one of the cocktail world’s best-kept secrets. A proprietary blend of herbs and spices, the brilliant red liqueur offers an addicting bitter taste that rolls into sweet and spicy flavors of orange, cherry, and cinnamon. We may still not know the exact recipe, but we have definitely discovered the best way to indulge in it. ‘M is For Maurizio,’ named for a manager at Row NYC whose love of Campari inspired the beverage, pairs the heady liqueur with crisp notes of prosecco and lemon to create drink that somehow is both simultaneously rich and bright.

Indulge in any of these perfect summer cocktails alongside hand-stretched Neapolitan pizzas, fresh-ground coffees, and the city’s best bakery items everyday at District M.

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