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New York’s Best Bagels

Boiled, Baked, and Bringing Breakfast Joy

New York City has a lot of iconic foods. From pizzas to pastrami on rye, to the unofficial cookie of New York, the famous black and white cookie, the city that never sleeps is a foodie’s paradise. However, as breakfast is widely considered the most important meal of the day, we’re highlighting a morning staple since, in our own humble opinion, a good New York City bagel is the best way to begin the day. Sure, there are bagel shops throughout the country, but a piping hot bagel enjoyed on the streets of New York City is an experience of itself.

Any bagel expert will advise that the secret is in the boiling, which gives true New York bagels their perfectly dense, chewy texture and crunchy, glossy outer crust. The best bagel makers know that letting the dough ferment properly before boiling and finally baking it off in the oven, is the key to a superior bagel. Here are some of the city’s most iconic and highly-rated spots to indulge in one of New York’s most beloved foods:

District M at the Row NYC

700 8th Ave, NYC 10036

Get your bagel fix without leaving the Row NYC hotel. The hotel’s onsite bakery boils and bakes their bagels fresh onsite each morning, so guests can enjoy the piping hot treats fresh from the oven. Even better, the Times Square hotel offers a special deal for breakfast. For just $1.00, guests can start their day off by enjoying their continental breakfast which includes a pastry, muffin, croissant or bread, tea, coffee or water & fresh seasonal fruit.


Stuy Town/Midtown East

A shop that’s been open since the 70’s (though they have changed locations a few times), this family-owned, kosher shop is a favorite for locals, who wax poetic about the shop’s giant-sized bagels and textbook perfect texture. Additionally, the shop has an array of classic favorites to accompany your carb bomb, including spreads, salads, and smoked fishes, however, be prepared for a line and a bit of a wait.

Tal Bagels

Multiple Locations

You know you’re doing something right when Grub street hails your bagels as “the gold standard” and praises your “thick brown crust”and “deep-roasted flavor.” The shop has multiple locations throughout the city and is also as renowned for their smoked fishes as they are for their baked goods. One of the shop’s most popular options and a must-try is their bagel with nova, lemon, capers, olive, and crisp red onion.

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