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Essentials to Pack for a Summer Trip to New York City

While we love that our city offers enough options to ensure you will never be bored, a full itinerary can make packing a daunting undertaking. An overwhelming amount of luggage is never fun, but either is wishing you had packed your go-to LBD. We’ve asked the locals what they would recommend for a New York City packing list for summer in the city (and what you can leave behind). Read ahead to make packing for your New York City jaunt a breeze:

Bring It: Comfy Shoes

We know it seems obvious, but comfortable walking shoes are key. Not only is walking the main mode of transport in the city, but exploring the neighborhoods by foot is half the fun! Ensure your shoes are broken-in; your new flat sandals may seem like a cute choice in the morning, but could feel like you’re walking on wooden planks by lunchtime.

Bring It: Your Fancy Pants (or dress)

As we’ve said before, nowhere does nightlife like New York. We’re also pretty smug about our amazing food scene, and a lot of these places expect you to look sharp. We recommend taking at least one dressier outfit and a pair of dress shoes. This is especially recommended if you plan on hitting some of the more exclusive nightclubs, as their door policies can be strict and can deny entrance if the doorman doesn’t love your shoes (sad but true).

Leave It: Toiletries

This one may be surprising, but with the TSA hassles of tiny bottle regulations and fears of shampoo leaking all of your aforementioned favorite heels, it’s just easier to leave your toiletries at home. Unless you have a holy grail brand and product you can’t live without, just pop into a Duane Reade (there’s literally one on every corner) and get your toiletries for the trip onsite.

Leave It: Space!!!

Leave some space in your suitcase, that is. A common rookie mistake is packing your suitcase too full. Remember that Manhattan has some of the world’s best shopping and it’s almost impossible to leave New York empty handed. Pack smart and ensure you can take back some souvenirs and memories from the city that never sleeps.

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