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The History, Brand, and Beginnings of the World’s Most Famous Brown Bag

Taking up an entire city block in Midtown, Bloomingdale's flagship store has become one of the world’s most famous shopping destinations and a global pop culture icon. The store’s signature brown bag and nickname “Bloomie’s” have become synonymous with designer luxury, extravagant shopping, spectacular window displays, and New York City itself.

A Philosophy

According to the official Macy’s website , “Bloomingdale’s began with a 19th century fad and the extraordinary vision of two brothers. Lyman and Joseph Bloomingdale pioneered nearly every major change in the evolution of department stores – if they weren’t the first with an idea, they simply did it bigger and better than anyone else. Their innovative retailing philosophy guided Bloomingdale’s in its beginning and that strategy continues today, justifiably earning Bloomingdale’s the reference “Like No Other Store in the World.”

Building a Brand from a Brown Bag

The famous Lexington Avenue location that we know today was originally opened in 1927 and covered and entire city block within two years. The shopping pioneers then took the store’s name to the next level with grand scale promotions including unique one-of-a-kind merchandise, cultural exhibits, designer boutiques, shopping bags created by commissioned renowned artists, and model rooms. Their initiatives were so successful that the term “Retailing as Theater” was coined to describe Bloomingdale’s promotions.

How Bloomie’s Was Born

In the 1970’s, the store was launching an intimate apparel promotion and chose to promote the name “Bloomie’s” in homage to the young and trendy locals who were frequenting their store. This nickname become forever linked to the store’s brand with locals and tourists alike.

A Hollywood Darling

The shopping mecca has been the setting of numerous Hollywood films, making the connection between the brand and its home city even stronger. Under the stores fluorescent lights John Cusack and Kate Beckinsale first met in the Hollywood hit, “Serendipity,” Tom Hanks and Daryl Hannah shared a moment in the 80’s cult classic, “Splash,” and Robin Williams befriended a Bloomingdale’s employee. The store also became one of the city’s most recognizable backdrops when it was featured in the Barbra Streisand movie “The Mirror Has Two Faces.”

Experience the Icon

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