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Our Favorite Picks for The City’s Best Coffee


For us, coffee isn’t just the best part of waking up, it’s an absolute necessity. Our mornings and brains don’t officially begin until we feel the energizing hum of caffeine and taste the rich aroma. But just because coffee is a morning staple, that doesn’t mean it’s not also an extraordinary indulgence. A well-made cup of coffee is utterly delicious and taking the time to enjoy it in a quaint cafe is one of life’s greatest little pleasures.


There’s a Starbucks on every corner, especially in Manhattan, and while we love the consistency and convenience of the green-logoed brand, New York has an array of coffee shops that make a cup of coffee truly an experience. Here are some of our picks for the best “cup of joe” in the city:


District M at the Row NYC

700 8th Ave, Nyc 10036

Get your caffeine fix without leaving the Row NYC hotel. The hotel’s onsite restaurant brews up some of the cities best coffee and offers a full European coffee program. Even better, the Times Square hotel offers a special deal for breakfast. For just $1.00, guests can start their day off by enjoying their continental breakfast which includes a pastry, muffin, croissant or bread, tea, coffee or water & fresh seasonal fruit.


Birch Coffee

Locations throughout the city. Complete list may be found at their locations page here.

Their coffee is so good, they offer classes on how to make it. Additionally, the shop has become famous for their stringent roasting process, which is done manually in small-batches. The process is done by locally by hand in Long Island City, ensuring the beans delivered throughout the city are not only roasted to perfection, but are also fresh. If you don’t want to take our word for it, they’ve also been plugged on leading sites: The Wall Street Journal, Thrillist, Business Insider, Zagat, and The New York Times, just to name a few.


Kopi Kopi

68 West 3rd Street, New York, NY 10022

For something truly special and completely indulgent, pop into this Indonesian cafe in Greenwich Village. This is the only place in Manhattan that serves Kopi Luwak, and even then experts recommend you call ahead to make sure they have it in stock. If you haven’t heard of this famously pricey coffee, it’s touted as the most delicious and expensive coffee in the world. Imported from Indonesia, Kopi luwak, also known as “civet coffee,” is named after the cat-like mammal who eats and digests the beans. During the digestive process, proteins are broken down and leached out of the bean. This process is what takes all of the bitterness out of the bean, creating the smoothest coffee in the world. It’s rare. It’s expensive. And it tastes much better than it sounds.

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