5 Napkin Burger

The 5 Napkin Burger – an oversized 10 oz. gourmet burger – is the centerpiece of this laid-back NY dining spot, alongside incredible poultry, fish, entree salads, sushi and unique side dishes. Classic and modern cocktails, frozen drinks and ice cream shakes, plus an impressive collection of beers, spirits and wines are the perfect pairing.

About 5 Napkin Burger: In 2003, Andy D’Amico and Simon Oren opened Nice Matin on Manhattan’s Upper West Side. Since opening night, no dish has been more popular than the “5 Napkin Burger”. The dish has been so popular, in fact, that with partner Robert Guarino, D’Amico and Oren decided to give the burger its own stage in Hell’s Kitchen.
The 5 Napkin Burger is 10 ounces of fresh ground chuck topped with Gruyere cheese, caramelized onions and a rosemary aioli. In addition to the house burger, the menu features six other burgers: cheddar bacon, Italian turkey, lamb kofta burger, veggie burger, inside out burger and a burger salad. At its core, 5 Napkin Burger is a great neighborhood restaurant. They have rounded out the burger section of the menu with a broad array of dishes that appeal to anyone in any group. Their menu offers hand-crafted sushi, appetizer and entree salads and a full selection of entrees. The 5 Napkin menu has a lot to offer. The hardest question might be what to drink with your meal. Guests can choose from 50 beers, 100 wines and 10 specialty cocktails. Their atmosphere is casual and fun, so whatever you choose to eat or drink, be ready to enjoy yourself. 5 Napkin Burger’s decor is a similar whimsical wedding of this and that. There are dangling meat hooks, industrial lighting, tile floors and walls, a huge square banquette in the center of the large open room, and collections of old clocks and seltzer bottles. Side booths are challenging to squeeze into because of oversize table stands. Along with Simon Oren & Robert Guarino, D’Amico is also expanding the 5 Napkin Burger concept nationwide with locations in Boston, Miami and Atlanta. D’Amico says his ultimate goal for all his restaurants is to maintain the integrity of the food and offer patrons an honest dining experience with the best tasting food possible. “My greatest food memory is from my trip to Emilia Romana in Italy where I experienced an amazing meal cooked by three generations of Italian women in a little farm house,” says D’Amico. “I want to impart that feeling in all my restaurants whether it’s Marseillaise cuisine at Marseille, Ligurian cuisine at Nizza or even American cuisine with burgers at 5 Napkin Burger”.

Distance from the Row NYC hotel: 1 Block


  • 630 9th Avenue, New York, NY 10036

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