Explore NYC

With so many New York activities and attractions to see, do and enjoy, NYC is every traveler’s dream. We at the Row NYC hotel know that choosing what, where, why and how can be a challenge, so we’ve made things easy with a list of our favorite Manhattan attractions in Times Square – and beyond.

For more information on these or any other New York attractions, please call our concierge at 212-869-3600.

Happy exploring!

  • Times Square Attractions

    Times Square Attractions

    Times Square attractions are seemingly endless. Commonly referred to as the crossroads of the world, navigating it is an...

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  • Broadway <br />& More

    & More

    No visit to NYC is complete without experiencing a spectacular Broadway show or a sightseeing tour! The Row NYC...

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  • Outlet Shopping New York

    Outlet Shopping New York

    For the fashionista and bargain hunters, outlet shopping in New York is a great way to score amazing items...

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  • Eat<br />Out


    Manhattan restaurants offer up some of the best dishes around town. New York City is every food lover’s paradise....

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  • NYC By <br />Water

    NYC By

    There are endless amounts of Manhattan activities to enjoy during your stay at Row NYC. As New York City...

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  • Walking <br />Tours


    New York City walking tours are a great way to explore the city, especially since New York City is...

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  • Enjoy <br />The View

    The View

    Known for its endless activities, there is nothing quite like taking a moment to be mesmerized by the breathtakingly...

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  • Arts <br />& Museums

    & Museums

    Museums in NYC take art appreciation to a whole new level. Full of world-renowned museums that call NYC home,...

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  • Historical <br />New York

    New York

    One thing is for sure, and it’s that there are plenty of historical landmarks in New York. Brimming with...

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  • NYC Shopping <br /> Guide

    NYC Shopping

    Shopping can be overwhelming, so here at Row NYC we’ve put together a little New York shopping guide. Many...

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  • Secret <br />NYC


    Unearthing the secrets of New York can be a difficult task for visitors. The true beauty of New York...

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  • Explore <br />NYC


    EXPLORE TIMES SQUARE NYC & BEYOND With so many things to do in NYC and attractions to see, do...

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